How To Cast Your BlackBerry Screen To Your Windows 10 PC

Many of us are familiar with casting our Windows device screens to a larger screen wirelessly. Most of the time we want to project to a screen in a boardroom, or to a TV at home for our friends and family to enjoy.

But what if that large screen in the boardroom only has a wired connection for a PC such as VGA, or HDMI? Well, WiFi and Miracast to the rescue!

Windows 10’s anniversary update comes with a nifty app called “Connect”. This app lets your PC be the recipient of a screen cast instead of the sending device. That means you can send your BlackBerry phone screen (BlackDroid and some BB10 devices) to the PC, which you can then show on that boardroom big screen!

Look Ma, no Windows wires!

Let’s get going! Go to the search bar and find the Connect app.


Start that app up and you will see a blue screen telling you the name of your PC so that you can see it on your device.



Then you can go to your phone, choose “Cast” and select your PC.


Now if you click on the connection that is your PC, you should see a screen like this…


And in just a few seconds you should see your phone screen on your PC! Cool!


Even though my laptop is over three years old, the lag is extremely minimal. On top of that, audio is passed to your PC as well!

Watching YouTube works really well as a matter of fact.

And my testing revealed that BB10 devices are able to perform this function as well. YMMV.

Anyway, the point is your PC can receive a cast, not just project. The Connect app for Windows 10 allows for just a bit more productivity.




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