Carphone Warehouse Order MORE BlackBerry 10 Stock To Meet Demand


We’re all fed up to the back teeth of hearing about retailers and carriers ditching BlackBerry, so here’s a great story from the UK, a retailer who is ordering MORE to meet demand.

Carphone Warehouse, here in the UK, are long standing supporters of BlackBerry 10 devices. When other UK carriers bailed (I’m looking at you particularly EE and O2) the one place you could get yourself a BlackBerry was at Carphone Warehouse. They didn’t go as far as actually putting them on display, that would be a bit too much to ask, but you could, at least, order them from CPW online. The carrier range was limited but if, like me, you’d rather go SIM free, that was enough and I got my Passport from them straight after UK launch in October.

Now, it seems, BlackBerry is working it’s way, slowly, but surely, back into the consciousness of the UK public. And my God is it needed. And with a full range of carrier contracts too!

Whilst media types on Friday were desperately trying to exploit John Chen’s remarks about cutting back to 1 or 2 devices per year (big deal when you look at the competition), BlackBerry had Tweeted that CPW had extended the stores that were now holding BlackBerry Leap stock to 120. Previously you could buy a BlackBerry Leap from CPW but if you walked in to many of the stores you would have had to wait for it to be delivered to you.

Not any more. Maybe the 5 star reviews the Leap has been getting have helped? Can’t hurt. Plus you might also see them on display at last if you happen to wander in…

And there’s some GREAT deals too. On contract from as little as £16.99 per month. which beats any other offer out there hands down. They’ve also got some other crackers, all with ZERO money down, here’s a sample, check them out:

BlackBerry Leap + 500 minutes + Unlimited Texts + 500 MB data ON EE = £16.99 per month

BlackBerry Leap + 500 Minutes + Unlimited Texts + 500 MB date ON O2 + £95 cashback = £23.50 per month

BlackBerry Leap + 1000 minutes + Unlimited Texts + 2 GB data ON EE = £24.99 per month

BlackBerry Leap + 1000 minutes + Unlimted Texts + 1 GB data + £50 cashback ON Vodafone = £25 per month

These are just at the low end, there’s some amazing deals to be had at the top end too. And, of course, CPW also sell the BlackBerry Passport and the BlackBerry Classic and are experts at freeing you from your current non-BlackBerry loving carrier contract.

So, if you are a BlackBerrian and have an EE, Three or O2 contract (we still love you Vodafone), don’t wait for them to tell you ‘BlackBerry is dead’ and that you should downgrade for more money to an iPhone or Samsung, get yourself online or down to Carphone Warehouse asap.

And let’s keep BlackBerry moving again in the UK!


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