Captain Marvel Conquers

Brie Larson Fills Some Big Boots

I just seen Captain Marvel tonight and for all of those wondering if Marvel could do a superhero movie with a female lead, yes they can. And do it quite well I might add.

No Spoilers Here

From the trailers you have seen the movie is about Carol Danvers (aka Captain Marvel) not knowing anything about her past or who she was back then. The movie delivers on her character. This movie has some great fight scenes and special effects. But they don’t detract from the heart of the movie.

Nick Fury and Capt Marvel

Part of the magic in this movie is the chemistry between Nick Fury and Carol Danvers. The term buddy cop has been thrown around for their relationship, and that’s spot on. Some of the best dialog is between them in the movie.

Kree/Skrull War

This is the first movie to introduce us to the Skrulls. An alien race that can shape shift into anything they see. We’ve run into the Kree before. Guardians of the Galaxy and Agents of SHIELD (the blue alien’s blood used to bring back Agent Colson)

The battle between the two races in the comics has been epic. I can see where Phase 4 in the Marvel movies has the next big movie be a Kree/Skrull War.

That Dam Cat

Early into the production of Capt Marvel, Kevin Feige’s one note “I want more of that cat” Well he was right about that. Goose the cat steals the show in several scenes. Hats off to Kevin on that call.

Marvel Formula For Movies

This is Marvel’s 21st movie and some people complain that they use the same formula for every movie. One dimensional enemies, no cohesive plot and no character building. I’m no movie critic snob, heck one of my favorite popcorn movies is Hurricane Heist. Marvel has always been about the characters and their struggles with everyday life. To me that’s what gives Marvel movies heart.

If they are so bad at it, explain why people fall in love with this world they’ve built? DC is still finding their footing in the movies and even with their change of direction, it will be years before they get close to what we have from Marvel.

My Popcorn Rating For Capt Marvel

Great story, great characters and amazing cat. The de-aging special effects and battles are amazing. I give Capt Marvel 4 out of 5 popcorns.

Captain Marvel Conquers!