Canadian Government Hacked

Two Canadian government websites taken down temporarily after hack.

Canada had to temporarily pull down two government sites after a hack was discovered. Canada Revenue Agency and Statistics Canada both suffered downtime after it was discovered that an unknown attacker had gained access to the Statistics site. While the Canada Revenue Agency was not attacked, it was vulnerable to the same attack.

Attackers had managed to gain access thanks to a recently discovered vulnerability within Apache server software called Apache Struts 2. Canada states that no personal information was taken, with that attack against statistics Canada being stopped before the attackers gained access to that information.

Apache Struts 2 is described as “super easy to exploit” by Veracode’s Chris Wysopal. Attacks of this nature could result in attackers being able to steal data, covertly gain access to a network, and shut down websites.

Nary a day goes by in which there’s not some new cyber attack. With successful attacks on governments, it proves that we can all be victims of cybercrime. All we can really do is make the right decisions about our own cyber existence. For me, that starts with my most used and most connected device, my smartphone. And for me to ensure that I have the most secure connection to the cyber world, there really is only one choice, and that is BlackBerry.



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