Are Canadian Enterprises Keeping Your Data Safe?

The Globe and Mail released some worrying info about some Canadian corporations. Surveys across top Executives, and entrepreneurs in Canada said that most Canadian customers can’t feel safe, as fully half of the executives and a quarter of entrepreneurs said that their companies ware hacked by some form of Cyber Attack in the last year.

What to do?

The real problem is that most of the executives and entrepreneurs think that their companies are doing a good job in keeping their company and customers safe, while in actual fact they aren’t safe at all. The list of Canadian that had a breach will make you wonder if giving your personal info to companies is the right thing to do. Loblaw Cos. Ltd., Canadian Tire Corp., and Quebec’s SAQ liquor-store are some of the large corporations that are in this “NO-NO” list.

As we speak about the need to keep data safe and how to prevent Cyber Attacks, there is one more important issue that companies need to solve first. Enterprises must realize they aren’t as safe as they think they are.

This is the place where BlackBerry can enter and start to help those companies to keep their customers personal data and the company internal data safe.


Roy Shpitalnik

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