Canadian Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Samsung for Note 7

Samsung may see even more of a loss from the Galaxy Note 7 due to a new class action lawsuit.

Samsung has taken quite a loss on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. The explosive phone was followed by an expensive recall. A replacement version saw aother explosive recall, and even another expensive recall.

Samsung now faces potentially more of a loss to be attributed to the Note 7 thanks to a new class action lawsuit which is being filed against Samsung. The lawsuit, filed in Ontario Superior court has been brought forward by newlywed couple Daniel Fuller and Hannah Shaheen. The couple were on their honeymoon when they learned that their Note 7 phones were banned by the airlines.

In an odd portion of the story, the couple state that they were forced to destroy and discard their devices. They state that while destroying their devices one did indeed blow up. They also state that since they were forced to destroy their phones, they lost all their personal information, photos, videos, and contacts.

I question this portion of the story. It just strikes me as odd. They were forced to destroy their phones and discard them? So they cannot present the phones? I understand not being able to bring them back on board the plane, but why destroy them? Furthermore, why did they lose everything? If the phones had not exploded, why did they not just use any of the various means to back of their devices before destroying and discarding them?

The couple state that they have not received any compensation or replacement of their phones. I wonder how many companies would replace a recalled device when the device can’t be presented to the company.

The complaint states that Samsung was false and misleading. This may be an interesting case to see how it turns out, and I wonder if this is just the first of more to come?




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