Can The Walking Dead’s Season 9 Bring It Back To Life?

Un-dead Alive Again?

I’m back on the cold dead trail of The Walking Dead. They dropped the trailer for Season 9 at Comic-Con and it could be the season that brings the un-dead back to life.  It’s no secret that I’ve not been a fan of the Scott Gimple’s running of the last two seasons. The show episodes have been uneven. Its been dragging it’s feet in spots where it should’ve sprinted and then sprinted where there should have been more time spent on the story. Now with Angela King as show runner, The Walking Dead could stay alive.

What We Seen In The Walking Dead S9 Trailer:

Some time has passed since the end of Season 8 to 9. Rick goes visit Negan down in a dungeon to tell him how “great” things are now since everyone is working together. But nothing stays peaceful forever.  Maggie didn’t get to take leadership like Rick promised. People are starting to fight among themselves. Michonne talks about setting rules about how everyone should treat each other but it could be too late.  We see Carol facing down someone else “wanting to end it before it begins”.  Negan wants to know when things go to sh*t and it looks like it won’t be long.  Towards the end Father Gabriel is meeting new people and learning who they were before and asking them “who are you now?” and then…

We Get A Hint Of The Next Villains

Two people scramble down a side of muddy hill and cover themselves with mud as a horde of walkers go by. But are those really walkers? You have to watch the trailer and turn up the sound really loud to hear the walkers say :”Where are they?” That isn’t you’re average everyday walker. Those are the Whisperers!  They were introduced in the graphic novel series four years back in issue #130. (The scene in the trailer is a direct take from that issue)  What makes them unique is they take un-dead, skin them and then wear those walker skins to blend in with them and then direct the hordes by bumping into them. In the comics they kill whoever is in their way and puts their heads on pikes. Could this be how Rick Grimes and Maggie meet their end on the show?

Judging From The Trailer

I’ve made it a science judging movies/tv shows by a trailer. So my verdict is this Walking Dead’s Season 9 will be a good one and hopefully make up for Season 8.  What do you think?

Walking Dead
The Walking Dead Season 9 Trailer