How Can You Buy Hacking Tools? Try Crowdfunding

What do you do when hackers are planning to sell hacking tools that were stolen from the NSA? Try to buy them before someone else does of course. But how do you do that? Try crowdfunding.

A new Patreon campaign started by two security researchers is now under way as they try to use crowdfunding to purchase those very dangerous hacking tools. They call themselves Shadow Brokers, and they think that buying the tools and learning from them how to prevent future attacks is quite necessary.

Not all the researchers and industry people are liking the idea of Shadow Brokers buying the hacking tools as they hold the slogan of “do not negotiate with terrorists”.  But others like Shadow Brokers think differently. They believe it’s better to have the tools and try to learn the exploits in advance as opposed to letting the hackers surprise us and catch us unprepared.

So why now? The hackers that stole the exploit tools from the NSA announced early May that they want to sell the tools and would start a subscription service to it. They also claim that they have more codes up their sleeves. It can be real chaos if those codes fall into the wrong hands before research firms will learn them.

You can Follow both Hacker Fantastic and x0rz the researchers behind Shadow Brokers.

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Roy Shpitalnik

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