Camera MX for BlackDroid is a ‘must have’ app

I’m not what you’d consider a heavy camera user. At most 2 or 3 pics a week is about it. But sometimes I find the need to edit/alter/play with the photo to get it to my satisfaction. I currently use Snapseed and Prisma, but recently came across Camera MX – and before you could say ‘selfie’ I downloaded the app!

The main thing that drew me to Camera MX is the simple UI (simple things for simple minds). In addition, the app is feature rich. According to Google Play Camera MX  can do the following –

✔Live Shots – Live photos for Android. Create moving photos! Share your Live Shots as animated GIFs or videos with friends.
✔ Shoot The Past – Rewind within your Live Shot and save moments as individual photos. With this feature, capturing difficult-to-photograph moments is no longer a problem.
✔ Live effects – Edit your photos and videos. Give all your recordings a special look using a huge range of filters, effects and optimization options.
✔ Simple user interface – The intuitive user interface in Camera MX makes taking videos and photos quicker and easier.
✔ Maximum quality – Visibly sharper results thanks to intelligent image processing.
✔ Clearly arranged gallery – Keep track of all your photos and videos. Use multi-selection to quickly delete, move or copy several files at once. You can also manually sort files.

So all you PRIVers and DTEK50ers why not take a chance on the Devs from Appic Labs Corp and download the free Camera MX app from Google Play here.




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  • Brad

    Great looking app! Downloading now!