Calling All Passport Owners! Phonedog Need Your Help

phone dog

Yes, I know that’s not their offical logo but I couldn’t resist.

Tech blog Phonedog run a weekly ranking page. This is a handy way of seeing what is trending in the smartphone world and it runs Monday to Sunday every week.

This week something has popped up in their People’s Choice Rankings… something that seems to have come as a bit of a shock to them:

This week’s surprising story from the Official Smartphone Rankings is the BlackBerry Passport’s rise in to the top 5. It’s gained a lot of fans over the past couple of weeks and gather enough votes to overtake Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy S5. And if it continues with its current form, it could take #1 spot from the HTC One M8.

And we see the usual comments on You Tube from assorted lunatics such as:

Blackberry is shit and I haven’t seen someone with one of their phones in five years. They also have barely any apps. Samsung Master Race!


Why is this piece of shit in the top 5!

(this from someone with an HTC logo as their avatar)

Those crazy Androidians! They do so love being yesterdays news!

Anyway, back in the real world as you can see from the video, Phonedog have reacted to this interloper (currently trending at #1) by doing the right thing and pointing out all the good stuff (in a slightly high pitched surprised voice) that the Passport has to offer.

And good grief, it’s a BlackBerry!

It’s no surprise really that they have been caught off guard. The Passport is NOWHERE to be seen in their ‘Experts Choice’ Rankings and Contributing Editor Evan Selleck can’t be bothered to try one:

Did you buy a BlackBerry Passport?

I can honestly say, with a straight face, that I’m a BlackBerry fan. I’m the person that, despite the fact that I don’t own a BlackBerry currently, would love to see the company make a big comeback and just rise like a phoenix out of the ashes. I’d like this to happen, and I’m still quietly rooting for it to happen. Will it? Well, anything’s possible, right?

BlackBerry is one of those companies that every single time they start teasing something new, I actually get a bit excited. And, in truth, even if I do try out a new device and I don’t end up keeping it, it’s generally not for the same reason that I’ve gotten rid of other devices. Basically, while there are some frustrations, it’s generally not as bad as some other handsets.

A BlackBerry doesn’t make me want to flip any tables. Yet.

So, yes, when the Passport was but a device rumored about in the hallowed halls of the Rumor Mill, I couldn’t help but get excited to see what it would become. And, yes, when the first leaks started to show up, and the rumors about the device’s design started to swirl, I hoped that they were really off-base. I’m okay with handsets that have unique designs, but for some reason the Passport just wasn’t what I was looking for.

And then continued to the final product. The Passport is just the strangest looking thing I’ve seen in awhile, and while I’m sure there are some great aspects and features — like the keyboard — I just can’t find the drive to actually pick it up. To give it a shot.

I’m missing out, I know that. But I also know that I don’t know a single person who has gone out of their way to buy the new Passport. According to BlackBerry at the end of September, the company had received 200,000 orders for the device, and that’s certainly impressive. But, I know so many “diehard” BlackBerry fans that just flat-out refused to pick up the Passport.

The design was one area that made them balk, but the truth came from the fact that they’d just invested into other ecosystems. Even the physical keyboard wasn’t enough to sway them. Is it a case of, “Too little, too late?” Or just a device that’s too unique, too “out of the box” for a company that needs to find its footing with something that the majority are craving? Can BlackBerry find that? What do you think?

So, can YOU help Evan out? I notice some familiar names have already tried to point out that ‘by the end of September’ was actually within 10 hours of release and that he’s hardly likely to know someone who has got one as, well, let’s be fair, Phonedog haven’t exactly been known as being a BlackBerry enthusiasts site now, have they?

Let’s help Evan! Comment on his article by clicking here: Did you buy a BlackBerry Passport? and why not VOTE FOR THE PASSPORT HERE

After all, we wouldn’t want them to be the last site left out there trotting out the ‘too little, too late’ twaddle, would we?


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