Calling All Celebrities – Priv By BlackBerry Allows For 2TB SD Card


I’m sure you all remember the days of “The Fappening”.  Not too long ago celeberties were forced to upload their private photos to the iCloud due to Apple’s lack of storage on devices and their need for grossly over charging for additional memory (just check the price difference between 16GB and 64GB iPhone).  I’m sure many of these celebs thought their private photos were safe. After all, Apple claims to put privacy and security ahead of all else for their consumers.

Well much to nobody’s surprise, many were hacked and leaked all over the internet. Even some who thought they had deleted the images from the iCloud still had them leaked thanks to their devices automatically syncing to the cloud. Heck, I’m sure most of them are still floating around cyber space right now.  So what is the alternative? Samsung has now gone away from the SD memory slot as well.  Microsoft and Google are both pushing their own cloud services.

Never fear, BlackBerry to the rescue.  The new Priv by BlackBerry comes with an SD slot capable of handling up to a 2TB memory card.  That’s a lot of nudes. Heck not even JP could fill that up.

Yes many don’t agree with the rumored price of the device but I bet those who had their photos leaked would consider that a very small price to pay to keep control of their private data.

  • Anthony

    2 TB is 2000 GB. Who makes a 2000 GB SD card. locco_smiley_25

  • Atmari

    I’m wondering the same thing. There isn’t any 2tb SD out there
    But damn, that’s a Iot of giggies

  • bambinoitaliano

    For get about selling the androidians the security and privacy. Just tell them the phone can have up to 2TB of storage and that translate to 4 millions photos. The selling point at the front end for those carriers and retail store is if you love to take pictures on your phone the Priv is the phone for you. No need to get technical with the regular consumers.

  • I thought I heard there were 1TB cards available…

    But that is a huge amount of data. Good on BlackBerry for giving users a choice. If all you want is a 128GB card, then so be it. They always come through in this regard. We have more choice than any other platform in terms of form factors and features.