Call Recordr updated to V2.1


Do you like keeping an audio record of your phone calls? Call Recordr is one of several apps available to do that. Unfortunately all the apps I have tried for this purpose suffer from the same limitation in BB10. They can only turn on a microphone during calls and record what is heard. Which means they work best when using speaker phone. Also they pickup stray sound near the phone. Worst of all is these apps can’t record calls when using a Bluetooth accessory. They record during the call but the sound file is filled with silence.

Please be aware some jurisdictions may have laws governing the use of audio recording during calls. It is your responsibility to understand and conform to appropriate statutes. In some cases you may be required to insert a recurring beep during recorded calls. Call Recordr does not do that. Nor have any of the similar apps I tried.

I contacted Rad.Systems about five hours ago to talk about the issues pointed out above. As of this posting they had not replied. But, even great coders need to sleep. ☺

In spite of the limitations, I like and use Call Recordr. This update brings some nice new features and fixes.


  • Optimized call recording.
  • Option to automatically turn on speaker mode when recording a call.
  • Option to include (when available) the contact name and/or phone number in the audio filename.
  • Improvements in app and background service communication.
  • Improved data integrity and updating.
  • Improved data backup and restore.
  • Improved the “Ask” recording mode.
  • Improved recorded call notifications.
  • Improved user-interface and general layout.
  • Fixed an issue with the microphone not being available.
  • Other minor fixes, improvements and optimizations.


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