Call Blockr Updated to v2.6

Call Blockr by Rad Systems has been updated to version 2.6. Call Blockr is an app that actively blocks those phone calls that you just don’t want to receive. Spammers, scammers, bill collectors, and ex-wives can easily be ignored using Call Blockr.

What’s new in version 2.6;

* Moved the “Block Anonymous Callers” option to the main screen for ease of use.
* Provided a call log screen for received calls, to easily block or allow them in future.
* Improved speed and accuracy of phone number searching.
* Improved user-interface for displaying callers.
* Improved checks for validating phone numbers added to a list.
* Improved checks for preventing duplicate phone numbers in a list.
* Included translations for the following languages: Arabic, Chinese, French, Indonesian, Italian, Spanish, Vietnamese.
* Improved screen layout to accommodate new languages.
* Backup & Restore now also includes user app settings.
* Added option to enable or disable hub notifications.
* Other minor fixes, improvements and optimizations.

You can grab Call Blockr in BlackBerry World now for your BB10 device!

You can find Rad Systems on the web or on their BBM Channel: C0006BB16


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