Buying Into The iLie Costs You Money

You Lied To Us All...
You Lied To Us All…

Browsing the internet earlier I found a fascinating piece by Jennifer Cohen Health & Wellbeing contributor at Forbes. Jennifer is great, she helps executives stay fit and healthy as she believes a sharper body leads to a sharper mind.


And this leads to greater productivity.

And this is great!

But in 2012 Jennifer was convinced by all and sundry to ditch her BlackBerry for an iPhone. After all, it was the next big thing, right?

And everyone who was ANYONE got one.

Only Jennifer found that she actually now couldn’t get anything done. This amazing fashion accessory didn’t actually work properly. And it still doesn’t to this day.

Here’s what Jennifer had to say then.

5 Reasons Why I Hate My iPhone

Ok, ok, hate is a very strong word, but my iPhone has lost emails, twisted my words around with Autocorrect and turns off halfway through the day. If my iPhone was an assistant, I’d fire him!

I jumped on the iPhone bandwagon a month ago today when I turned my old RIM Blackberry in. I bought into the upgrade hype of how Blackberry is a dinosaur, and I’m missing out on the best thing since sliced bread. I caved to peer pressure. I heard “Give it a few weeks and you’ll LOVE it!” from 10 different people. Then, slowly, I’d get the confessions: “I know it’s not that great but the camera is amazing” or “I can’t live without the apps!”

Then I got to thinking – is my business built on Instagram and Angry Birds?

I wrote a column a ways back on “8 Tips To Increase Your Productivity.” Well, the iPhone was the single best way to decrease my productivity. With all those appointment at the Genius Bar, all that money spent on accessories to make it work as well as my Blackberry, my iPhone hasn’t saved me any time! Here are some solutions I’ve found to help save some minutes for every other iEntrepreneur.

1. Emails: Harder Than Ever

I now spend more time rewriting emails than writing them. I have to re-read the entire email to make sure Autocorrect didn’t pull a fast one on me – like when it turned “just one sec” into “give one sex.” This is one of the tamer Autocorrect moments. With the wrong client this would be quite embarrassing! Also, selecting a section of text feels like finger painting – give me back my roller ball!

Quick Fix:My amazing assistant found me an iPhone case with a slide-out keyboard that works via Bluetooth. Keyboards may not look as sleek as a touchscreen, but they’re a must for Blackberry converts!

2. Games: 100% Time Waster

I get notifications every 5 minutes that it’s my turn to Draw Something. It’s my own fault for wanting to have a little more fun in my life, but with 3 minutes here and there, I estimated these games ate up THREE HOURS of my week!

Solution: Turn off the push notifications for anything that isn’t business, and save the gaming for your commute home. Go into your settings and set notifications there.

3.Outlets Are Now a Way of Life

I’m an addict, always looking for my next fix. At least 5 times a day, I just NEED an outlet! I get nervous every time I’m on a call. Will my phone die out on me just as I’m about to close a deal? Do I even pick up the phone when I need battery later? How do I hang up this call faster? Someone actually recommended being plugged in for long calls. Are you KIDDING me? What happened to wireless technology? I don’t need extra anxiety from my phone!

Quick Fix: I’d be a great spokesperson for Morphie Juice; I bought every accessory I could find and doubled my battery life . They get the job done, but I’m definitely not happy buying more accessories to make my iPhone work as well as my Blackberry.

4. If you don’t have anything nice to say..

…Don’t say it near your iPhone. In my first week, I thought the big button ended calls, but it only puts them in the background. This could have been a major faux pas!

Quick Fix: Without the satisfying button click of hanging up on a call, you MUST double-check to make sure your call is disconnected.

5. Siri..ugh.

Where do I even begin with Siri… I’m at The Grove screaming “WHERE IS BANK OF AMERICA?” Then I look around and 5 people are doing the same thing. Look in any direction and you’ll find someone frustrated with Siri. She works 50% of the time, AT BEST.

Quick Fix: Other than just not even bothering with Siri, I don’t know what it is. If you have one, leave me a comment.

So here I am with my battery pack, my keyboard case and my charger. I need a duffel bag every time I leave the house with my 4 lbs of phone and accessories. I’ve spent HUNDREDS for this phone just to be equal with my Blackberry.

Yes, it’s innovative and definitely the best looking phone I’ve ever had, but part of me will yearn for the days when all a phone had to do was make calls and send out an email. The reality is I’ve now spent so much time and money on accessories that I’ve come too far to go back now.

Does she still have her iPhone?

It would seem so.

Why is this?

Because up until BB10 there wasn’t really an alternative.

Now there is.

If you LOOK at what Jennifer is saying, what she misses about her BlackBerry in 2012, what’s changed in 2014?

Apart from BlackBerry 10.

Can the new iPhone address all these issues?


Jennifer, like many others, has been fooled by the iLie. That an iPhone can be excused.

Because it’s an iPhone.

But if she could, like all those others who left, think back, just a short time, to a day when they could do SO MUCH MORE every day with their phone than they can do now…

Dear God, think about it.

They’d chuck that iPhone in the bin tomorrow.

They’d go and get a BlackBerry.

And believe you me, once you got your hands on a BlackBerry 10 device you’d wonder why you wasted so much time and money on pointless workarounds for something that didn’t even do the basics. And I MEAN the basics.

Because BlackBerry 10 has evolved WAY beyond what they can do.

And it’s still evolving.

You’d save yourself time, stress and an absolute shedload of money.

And you’d never, EVER go back.

Come #BackToBlack.

Buy a BlackBerry.

Source: 5 Reasons That I Hate My iPhone

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