Why Every Business needs BlackBerry Workspaces

In today’s business world, we share files multiple times during the day, whether it is within our organisation or outside the organisation. We deliver presentations to our clients outside the organisation and work procedures for example within the organisation for approval of the relevant factors.

All of these documents, although they do not seem to contain important information, contain the information that if it reaches the wrong hands, it may harm the business. In most cases we do not even bother to secure our files, if we send a presentation or other document to our client, how do we know that this information was stopped at the customer and did not reach additional hands?

In most cases we do not have the tools, and that’s exactly where the BlackBerry Workspaces comes in. How important is it for you to be in control of your files? After all, these are documents that contain work methods, prices, ideas, and many other data that the wrong hands are valuable for those people.

In a competitive era, information leaks are important, and we’ve seen a number of giant companies, corporations that were sure they would not happen, and that happened. The damage, of course, was significant.

Most of my workday involves transferring characterization documents and data derived directly from the BI system of the company I work in. Sometimes we share our information with some of our customers, and some of the files I work with in general are not secure and may open up for unwanted people, even if they are factors within the company.

With BlackBerry Workspaces all the files you share are encrypted in 256 bit, and of course if you’ve already managed to get your servers, hackers will have very hard work to download and use the files. Workspaces also allows file sharing of up to 10 gigabytes, if needed.

A user with administrator privileges can assign each file its security level in association with other parties. For example, you can determine that a file can only be opened by the recipient, but it cannot be printed or edited. The recipient will not be able to perform any malicious action with the file.

Managers can check where and with which device the file opens, so you can see if the file opens on a device that should not have opened and maybe it happened in a foreign country or at a point where it was not needed.
File sharing through cloud has become a routine issue and we’ve heard of quite a few instances where cloud services have been hacked or stolen from movie studios in Hollywood. The same studio today uses Workspaces to pass the scripts to the relevant parties to prevent further leakage of information.

In a world where every company wants to keep its information, others are trying to get that information, BlackBerry gives it’s customers peace of mind while working. Workspaces also works from Outlook so you do not have to physically enter the Workspaces page to select the file to share.

Workspaces can work with other EMM servers, but UEM is the best choice.


Roy Shpitalnik

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