Business Insider Realizes iPhone’s Just Can’t….


We here at UTB are no stranger to the fact that the iPhone, while apparently being the most popular cell phone to ever grace the earth with it’s presence, can’t really do much at all when compared to it’s competition. In fact, it’s so limited, I personally refuse to call it a smartphone. I call it exactly what it is, which is an app launcher. I previously wrote a couple of posts titled ‘iPhone Just Can’t’ (here and here and we have a thread in our forums ‘The Ultimate List of Things The iPhone Can’t Do‘. And Canuckvoip also wrote a post  ’15 Things an iPhone Doesn’t Have (or Cannot Do)‘. So, it’s pretty clear our thoughts on the iPhone.

It is nice however when we see other places realizing this as well. I can almost see the fog rising from their eyes as these bloggers realize they spent a rather large amount of money on a device which really doesn’t do much. In this case, Business Insider has a rather small list of items which we’ve already covered in ‘8 Things The iPhone Still Can’t Do’. While blogger Dylan Love thinks the iPhone 5s is Apple’s best iPhone to date, he states “There are a few egregious omissions here – features that we not only want in our iPhone, but that we feel are overdue.” Yes Dylan, you’re right, and sadly, while the iPhone 5s may be the best iPhone to date, the only way it get’s ‘the term ‘best’  attached to it, is because you are comparing it to other iPhones.

So let’s look at the 8 features Dylan wants in his iPhone.

  1. SD Card Support For Extra Storage: Sadly Dylan, I don’t think this will ever happen. You see, Apple makes money off of phones with higher storage. Why would they allow you to add your own cheap storage when they could charge you a disproportionate amount to build it in to the phone? You can always buy a cheaper 16gb iPhone, and don’t worry, once that fills up, they will gladly sell you the higher capacity phone. And don’t you worry, if you need to store stuff, you can use the iCloud! Don’t worry about the data costs that comes with constantly uploading and downloading things that you should be able to have on your phone.
  2. NFC For Mobile Payments: Dylan does state that Apple wants you to use their Passbook app, which will do some of what NFC will do, and since Apple is Apple, there are plenty of places that play along with Apple in terms of accepting this kind of digital information. Also, rumor is that the iPhone 6 will have NFC. Dylan states “NFC also lets you beam content between devices just by tapping them together.” It’s true. It does. I use it all the time to transfer pictures, music, even websites from one of my BlackBerries to the other. It is extremely useful! And this is where I think iSheep will be greatly saddened by Apple. If Apple does include NFC on their next iPhone, I don’t believe they will allow it full functionality. They will place it on the phone for mobile payments, because they need to place it on their phones for mobile payments. But just like BlueTooth on an iPhone, I believe it will be crippled in capabilities. Apple does not want you getting music, files or media from sources other than them. A user now can’t go to Amazon and download a song and play it on their iPhone, without first going through iTunes. So why would apple allow users to share amongst themselves. No, there is no money in that for Apple, so I don’t believe we will see it.
  3. An Improved Texting Solution On The Keyboard, Like Swype: Again, this is apparently coming in the iPhone 6. Well, at least the ability for third party keyboards. That’s still not saying that your text messages will actually be received by who you sent it to.
  4. A 128gb Option: I have no doubt you will see this some day. And it will be expensive! Please see number 1.
  5. Non-proprietary Dock Connection: “We’ve never understood why our iPhones can’t use a standard USB port and a standard USB cable to sync.” Really Dylan, you’ve never understood? Let me give you a hint, are you ready? Ok, here goes… “$”. You see, by having a proprietary cable, they can ensure that you are getting cables from them, or people that license their technology. Either way, it’s more money in their pocket. And by the way, they really need to work on quality control on those cables. Most of what I see when I’m out and about fall apart quite quickly. Of course, by making a fragile product that people require to use their iPhone, they are ensuring the sale of even more cables.
  6. A Micro-HDMI Port: It appears Dylan would like to play video from his phone to his television, without having to resort to buying an adapter, or Apple TV. You think eventually he will understand why Apple chooses not to include standardized technology on their devices? And will the general consumer ever understand how Apple actually makes it’s millions selling a mediocre product?
  7. Replaceable Battery: Dylan is tired of being a wall hugger. We’ve long enjoyed having batteries we can swap out on BlackBerry, and when BlackBerry decided to go with a non-swappable battery, they made it a battery that can last 2 days. There’s some bad news for you though Dylan, while your next iPhone is getting a larger screen, it’s battery isn’t growing much, so you probably want to invest in even more of those lovely Apple cables.
  8. While We’re At It, Better Battery Life!: Look at that Apple, the battery took 2 spots on the list of 8 things that an Apple user wants in his iPhone. See a trend here? Don’t worry Dylan, it will happen. Apple is finally providing users with a bigger screen, so with the rate they’re reacting to users wishes, you should have better battery life probably around the iPhone 11.

Android phones already have most (if not all) of these features

And guess what? So do BlackBerry Phones. Here’s the fact, things are changing, the tide is turning. We keep seeing these articles pop up, and we need to see them for what they are. These are iPhone users who want more from their device. They may not even realize it yes, but they are dissatisfied with their device. It is only a matter of time before they toss aside their app launchers and get themselves smart phones. And when that happens, we need to guide them to the most efficient, most capable, simply the best platform out there, BlackBerry 10.


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