Business Insider Driven Crazy By iPhone

I like lists, you know the type I’m talking about, “10 biggest mistakes of the starlet of the week” – “5 ways to lose weight/grow hair/gain stamina” – “7 of the craziest looking animals/people/houses you’ve ever seen”. You know what I’m talking about. I think I’ve gained a lot of sites a lot of advertising dollars by clicking through list after list. Today I received a lovely list in my news alerts, and thought that we should give it the UTB treatment.


Steve Kovach at Business Insider brings us “10 things about my iPhone that still drive me crazy“.

  1. The screen is too small. He compares it to the Samsung Galaxy S5, and other ‘nice android phones’ with 5 inch screens. I wonder if Kovach has ever seen a BlackBerry Z30? Or possibly a Z3? I bet he hasn’t, or he probably wouldn’t be talking about ‘nice android phones’. Of course, Kovach should be happy, the iPhone 6 shall have a bigger screen!
  2. Battery life is awful. Kovach is sad that he cannot make it through a day of use. I’m guessing he probably hits about 4 hours, that seems typical for most of my iFriends. And they think that this is normal. They don’t understand that you don’t need to carry a charging cable with you everywhere you go. I’m sorry Steve, but you’ve probably got nothing to look forward to here. The iPhone 6 will have a larger screen, yet a battery that is only slightly bigger. Odds are, you will have even worse battery life. Would you like to make it through your entire day? How about through your entire day and in to the next? BlackBerry is the way to go!
  3. I can’t delete or hide Apple’s apps. I use alternative apps for calendar, email, and just about everything else because they’re better. But there’s no way to remove Apple’s apps. I keep them in a folder with a poop emoji instead. I just had to quote that in full because it was so darn cute! Head over and look at his screenshot. And he does point out something surprising to hear a fan say, yet is entirely true, Apple apps are crap. I’ve tried using iOS e-mail, and let’s just say it is useless! Can’t even add an attachment to a reply. I will give Apple a pat on the back for one thing though, something I didn’t know they could do, and that’s use emoticons for file names. I want that. I have a few AT&T apps I’d like to throw in a crap folder.
  4. Speaking of third-party apps, I wish the iPhone would let me choose default apps for basic functions like email, calendar, and web browsing. I use alternative apps for all of these tasks, but sometimes Apple forces me to use its own apps. Ok, isn’t 4 pretty much the same as 3? I suppose 9 would be an odd number to have on a list.
  5. iMessage. Kovach realizes that not all messages will come through, that sometimes they get lost, sometimes they are delivered in the wrong order. He even knows that Apple will hold your number hostage should you try and leave iPhone. And yet, he’s willing to continue using this unreliable Apple app. When will iPhone users realize their life doesn’t have to be this hard. As they are thinking that iPhone ‘just works’ they don’t realize that BlackBerry works hard!
  6. Siri is almost useless. Almost eh? And the iPhone is almost a smartphone. Have you heard about the new assistant which will be arriving on BB10 soon? I hear it works.
  7. The home screen is boring. Well how exciting do you expect the home screen on a device that is realistically just an app launcher to be? Remember when you bought your iPhone? How you immediately had to download apps before it became even slightly useful for you? Yeah, an exciting home screen? There’s not an app for that.
  8. The App Store is a disaster. Wow… just wow. The very thing that people hold up as Apple’s greatest win? If I were to say that, I’d be immediately attacked as an iPhone troll and a BlackBerry fanboy. Well, Kovach is an iPhone fan, I’ll take his word for it.
  9. It’s really tedious to remove notifications from the Notification Center. Instead of dismissing them all at once with a tap or swipe, you have to remove notifications from each app individually. Oh my goodness. Really?? The notification center which iPhonians are convinced is the same as the hub? It’s not of course, any fool could see that, yet they keep claiming it. So, let’s get this straight, if I get a Twitter message, a Facebook message, and a text message showing up in the notification center, I know I have to go to the individual apps to reply, but I can’t even delete from there? To delete, I’d have to go to Twitter app, Facebook app, and iMessage app? What the …..?!? Do you have any idea how many apps I’d be entering and leaving all day long? How do iPhonians live this way? Are they just unaware? Guess what, I never go in to FaceBook or Text message apps. I do all that interaction from the hub. The only one of those apps I’ll actually go in to is Twitter and that’s to read the timeline, my messaging is still done through the hub.  Those poor poor people!
  10. Apps like New York Times and Wall Street Journal are stuck in the Newsstand. Let me get this straight, apps that would be convenient to have in one place, like those mentioned in #9, but apps that Kovach wants individual access to are glued together in a reader app.

iPhonians! You don’t have to live this way! It’s really sad, I really don’t think these people realize that there is another way, an easier way. I think most think that the experience would be the same on any platform, and they are falling for the ‘it’s expensive so it must be good’ trap. They need to learn the truth. That there is a better way, and that is the BlackBerry way. Keep your ears open UTB family, and when we hear that friend of ours with the iPhone, cursing because something doesn’t work the way they want it to on their phone, show them how it works on a BlackBerry. It’s not a matter of tricking, or having contests set up, we don’t need to do that. It’s quite simple, just like all the items on this list, the majority of complaints about iPhone are things that iPhone does not, or cannot do, yet we all know our BlackBerry’s can.

What complaints are you used to hearing about iPhone? Sound off in the comments and let us know.


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