Burning iPhone Destroys A House – What’s Next Is MORE Shocking…


What you see here are the remains of Caitlin Rae Durants bedroom in North Wales when her iPhone went up in flames. Caitlin, 15, had foolishly left her iPhone attached to her genuine iCharger on the covers next to her as she slept. Consequently not only was her bedroom torched but also that of her sister. PLUS the sheer volume of water involved to put it all out by the fire service meant that her families home is now uninhabitable for, in her mothers words, ‘at least 6 months’.

But even THAT’S not the whole story or why you should hold your nose in disgust at the preachers of iPhonia.

For we have been helpfully informed of all this by the UK newspaper the Daily Star. When you click the link you will notice something odd. I’m sure the journalist involved, Lily Waddell, thought she was doing us all a service in warning us of this defective, life threatening Russian Roulette technology where people’s lives are at risk. And do you know what? She did!!

Only she was rather undermined by the fact that peppered throughout the article are the following BIG FAT LINKS:

First off, an exploding Samsung (not an iPhone, OBVS!!)…


Followed by the utter beauty that is the camera on the iPhone 7…


What amazing things you can get up to with iOS10…


And how the iPhone 7 beats the latest Google Pixel, hands down!


In summary, Caitlin’s family have lost their house, their treasured possessions and memories have been ruined and they will be lucky to have their own roof back over their heads in the next YEAR. We got to know about this because Lily was good enough to report it and the editors made sure they published it.

All thanks to the iPhone and Apple hubris.

Meanwhile the parent media company enjoys the fruits of Apple promotion directly at the expense of human lives.

With Apple twisting in the wind on everything other than the iPhone that’s what it seems to be coming to.

Apple vs Humanity.

Dear Lord…


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  • nnik

    Great post!, here’s a chance to go argue you’re viewpoint http://utbblogs.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=3867

  • Madge

    Surely the UK Gov’t, consumer protection, must demand a recall pending investigation…

  • Anthony

    The Daily Star looks like it’s a daily gossip magazine. The type to care less if they post an iPhone destruction article beside iPhone camera articles. $)

    • Anthony