Bumblebee First Official Teaser Trailer Brings Back the Bug

Bumblebee gets cute again.

Bumblebee gets his own movie! This time, it’s a prequel to the Michael Bay movies, which sadly, means we know where this all ends up. But even so, this edition brings the Bumblebee that we all grew up with. Well, sort of anyway.

The little Transformer is found in a junkyard, (where have we seen this before?) by Hailee Steinfeld. She finds him in the classic form of a Volkswagen Beetle, and when he transforms, he actually looks like his car form. Something which seemed to be lost in prior movies.

If you watch the trailer closely enough, you’ll see that at some point in the movie, his Volkswagen chest turns into a Jeep Wrangler chest, so even though the movie is about one Transformer, we’ll still get to see more than a Beetle transforming. We also get to see Starscream, which is an automatic win.

From the trailer, the movie doesn’t seem to be too original in content, but Bumblebee looks better in robot form than he ever did in the other movies. Without Michael Bay at the helm, we may actually get some storytelling as well. We’ll have to wait until Christmas to find out.

Bumblebee also stars John Cena

Will you be watching?



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