Built Like Tanks! Tell Us Your Story.

It’s a common discussion in BBM groups. Let’s hear your story.

Late last night, and in today, a conversation started up within one of the BBM groups which I am a part of. The conversation was about the indestructible nature of BlackBerry phones. We all have stories, and we all like to share them. Stories of the amazing drops and recurring bounces our BlackBerry phones have endured. Driving away with your phone on the top of the car, and even a case of actually driving over the device. Only to find that the beloved BlackBerry was still ready for action. BlackBerry phones, especially the older BBOS models, were built like tanks!

Personally, I’ve had several of these stories. I watched as a BlackBerry Torch flew out of a pocket, hovered in the air for a moment, and dropped to a supposed doom from the top of the Riddler’s Revenge rollercoaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain, only to recover the phone at the end of the night, and discover while the slider was jammed in the locked position, the phone was in otherwise perfect shape. I also dropped my one day old BlackBerry Priv in a parking lot only to watch it bounce away. The Priv was my first “modern style” phone. Meaning it was thin and relatively flimsy feeling. All of my prior BlackBerry’s had that heft that I loved, and I was sure the Priv was a goner. Nope. A slight dent in the upper right hand corner of the surround, everything else was brand spanking new. It wasn’t more than a few weeks ago that I dropped my BlackBerry KEYone. While reaching to catch it, I somehow slapped it instead, driving it with force into my tiled kitchen floor. In case your wondering, the KEYone will in fact bounce. But it was no worse for the wear.

I know we all have stories like this. The most amazing stories are probably from early BlackBerry OS designs. After all, it was a different time. Phones were smaller, thicker, and built like tanks. Modern phones are designed to be thin and light, and simply won’t hold up like the phones of yesteryear. I have seen iPhone screens shatter from a drop onto the ground from a knee level height. While I would never purposely try that with my lovely KEY2, I have no doubt that sometime over it’s life, it will see a drop worse than that iPhone I speak of, and I’m fairly certain the result will me much better.

We all like to share our stories of our indestructible BlackBerry super phones. And no matter how great we think our stories are, there always seems to be someone with a better story.

Let’s hear yours!

Take to the comments and tell your stories of BlackBerry phones that survived instances which no phone should have ever survived.

We look forward to reading them.



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