Brickerbot Creator Ends the Attack

The malware creator had a point to make. Point taken.

Back in April, I wrote about Brickerbot malware that was taking out IoT devices. Working much like the Mirai botnet, it would track down vulnerable IoT devices. But after finding them the similarities to Mirai changed. It wasn’t out to steal information or hold machines ransom. No, it was simply bricking the devices. And by bricking these devices, it was actually preventing the Mirai botnet from growing.

The fact that the malware wasn’t carrying out the typical criminal activities of malware left people wondering if there was more to it? Was the creator trying to make a point? It turns out they were, and they feel their point was made, and Brickerbot has been laid to rest.

The hacker responsible for Brickerbot, goes by the name Janitor, and speaking to Bleeping Computer explained that “people, organizations and governments aren’t doing enough nor moving quickly enough and we’re running out of time.” He went on to explain, “People of influence may simply perceive the IoT security disaster as less urgent when in reality they should consider it an emergency requiring immediate action” and Brickerbot has surely shown that to be the case.

While such vigilante activity isn’t really welcome, I hope the companies responsible for our security take the hint.

source: Forbes


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