Breaking News: The Mobile Wars Are Over

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Who Ya Gonna Call, Bill?

Okay, I think we’re done.  In an interview with Variety magazine, Bill Murray revealed that he recently acquired his first smartphone:  and it was a BlackBerry phone.

SINCE this story involves BlackBerry it is therefore necessary for all media outlets to speculate whether or not he purchased an OLD BlackBerry or a NEW BlackBerry.

*sigh*…  Really?

It doesn’t matter.  It’s Bill Murray.

He could have picked up ANY phone he wanted, old/new, BlackBerry/iPhone/Android/Windows, White/Black/Green/Pink…

He chose BlackBerry.

Get over it guys.

Maybe one day soon you will too.

  • shanerredflag

    Lol…Passport?? Z30?? No matter…we got Bill :)

  • Gnomesane


    A friend of mine works at the LCBO (Liquor Control Board of Ontario) and personally deals with Bill Murray’s private wine orders. According to him, the man is just as cool in private as he is in public, lol.

    I’m sure if he’d picked an “old” iPhone or Android or whatever, we wouldn’t have been subjected to such silly click bait. It’s only because he picked BlackBerry that the media is making a distinction, smdh.

  • Anthony

    He recenty purchased a BlackBerry. Was it after the Passport came out? Did he buy one on shopblackberry?

  • veeru789

    Who you gonna call??…….


  • Reverend Grim

    Who ya gonna call?

    Sheep Busters!