Breaking News! Mattel announces new Barbie watch!


And it comes in all of Barbies favorite colors, with different bands to match all of her outfits and outings with Ken:

The band comes in several band colors, such as pink, blue and white. It’s called Apple Watch. Tim Cook is wearing one with a white band on stage.

Barbie’s friends are going wild, because dolls don’t have brains and need a watch to tell them when to turn when they are walking, when they have been running too hard, where their home button is, what Mickey Mouse looks like, When the movie starts, where to keep your photos, and where they left their car.

The Apple Watch. Time will also tell about whether the new Apple Watch will emerge as the first must have wearable for the masses. Long before the unveiling of a new watch Apple has paid attention to style and aesthetics better than its rivals. Such detail work is especially important in something you’re supposed to wear on your wrist. As with other smartwatches, consumers will be able to change watch faces–on the video showing this off, I liked one of the watchfaces with Mickey Mouse.

The display is flexible, the watch has a crown that doubles as a home button. Apple will make different band and band sizes available along with different watch cases.

The touch display can recognize the difference, Apple says, between a press and a tap. The watch works with Siri–you can ask for movie times. It can serve as a locket for all your photos, using the digital crown to zoom in. You can display Maps and get directions, with haptic feedback to help you know which way to turn..

Apple is opening the watch to developers, and is coming up with a few examples: Through a Starwood Hotels app, you can unlock your hotel door by waving the watch in front of the door. Through a BMW app you can remember where you left your car.

The Mattel event closed with the band U2 which is appropriate.

“I suckered for a bigger iphone and a smart watch!”

“U2 ?”


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