Breakfast saga now LIVE, no longer BETA!

Not very long ago, I was given an opportunity to try out a beta app, courtesy of someone else sharing a code with me on BlackBerry BETA for an upcoming game. I’m now reliably informed, and also pleased to introduce to you;


(click on the above link to open via BlackBerry App World, and yes its a PAID APP, but worth the buck)

The premise of the game is simple. You find a way to make 3-in-a-row, and voila.

You can chain it horizontally, vertically, and even diagonally.

It has few modes, and I like it very much (especially Zen Mode, where I can just keep on going and going and going and going without even having to bother how much time left)

The gameplay video here (pictures won’t do enough justice)


Just some notes from the developer:

+ BlackBerry Q10, BlackBerry Q5, BlackBerry Passport now working correcly and with bigger tiles!
+ NO ADs, Full native smooth BlackBerry10 Games!
+ Almost all suggestions and fix from beta zone testers included in this version.
+ Check Beta Zone for Breakfast Saga Beta Version !

Let’s excuse the part that people may say it’s similar to Candy Crush. Its a different feel altogether and you will find the gameplay different, especially with no annoying in-app-purchases. But if you so insist, fire up the BlackBerry Beta World, look for the app, and give it a try. I’ll still think its worth the buck for such a well made game.