BProfile Receives a Small Update.

One of our favorite apps
One of our favorite apps

UTB blogs has reviewed this app before and it continues to be an app that holds a covenant spot on my phone.

So I was happy to see that an update came through that was related to the 10.3 OS that is coming out soon. I like forward progress from my favorite apps.

This update is on the small side ( to but it fixes a bug (cancel button not showing up) that users on 10.3 were seeing.

I just recently made my new BBM and twitter avatar with this app, and the Dev continues to pump new features into it. This is a great app and still worth checking out in the app store by clicking on the link.

  • jrohland

    Just downloaded it using the bar code from the link you provided (thanks for that). Looks like an interesting little app.

  • bbjoe2011

    Oh no problem! It’s a very niche app and really meant for the true BlackBerry fans, but I’ve used it more then just a handful of times. I even payed 99 cents for the upgraded “stickers”. Enjoy!

  • Blackjack

    What does it do? (too lazy to look)