Bounty for a BlackBerry? No Doubt!

Remember No Doubt? One of the few ‘girl bands’ that it was ok to like. And I still like them. I won’t even call them a guilty pleasure, I don’t roll up my window in fear that someone will hear when they pop up on Pandora. Remember ‘Hey Baby’? Not one of my favorite songs, but watching the video makes me miss the No Doubt Gwen Stefani. Oh Gwen, why did you have to go solo and make music I can’t listen to?

See that guy that pops up around two minutes in? He’s Bounty Killer. I’m guessing he showed up late to class the day they chose rapper names. Bounty Killer is a Jamaican recording artist who found himself in the news recently.

Bounty Killer had performed at the St. Kitts Music Festival and was traveling back to Jamaica when Bounty Killer’s brother, a more regularly named Mark Pryce decided to steal the BlackBerry of a customer service agent of the airport.

Pryce was witnessed on video taking the BlackBerry, and when airport security stopped him and took the phone back, the sim card and battery had been removed. Pryce has been fined  J$260,000 for the theft, half to be paid to the victim and half to state. Failure to pay immediately will result in up to three years imprisonment.

Pryce obviously realized that the most successful recording artists are BlackBerry users, and BlackBerry can oftentimes be hard to find at retailers, but when your brother is named Bounty Killer, I’d say it’s probably a good idea to obey the law.



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    Is it a “more regularly named Mark Pryce” locco_smiley_39 Pryce…Price…5-finger-discount… locco_smiley_7

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      We’ve missed you Anthony. :)

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