BOOKS ADDICTS this is for U

Are you a BOOK WORM? Do you fall into a category of BOOK ADDICTS? Do you want to make your BLACKBERRY work as STORYTELLER, then follow me. We will go through the details below for a while:


Bumblebee Computing, a developer had created an app that can be used as a “AUDIOBOOK” reader. This is a native BlackBerry App, listed this month.

It is bundled with many features inside this app:

Your location will be saved instantly, where you had left-off while listening to a book previously.

When you turn-ON this app, it will open the same page and starts from same point, which makes the users feel free while listening to a book and closing this app unknowingly.

This app comes with an ability of looking for the chapters and keeping them in correct order accordingly.

All you need to do is install this app and move your audiobooks into the “books” folder inside your phone whether it be “SD/Device”.

The app has been integrated with Librivox according to Developer, BumbleBeeComputing. One can choose books from “Top 100 Best books of all time”.

This app saves users from downloading audiobooks over MOBILE NETWORK.

There might be some users who will be eligible for downloading the app for FREE by using a PROMO CODE:  STORYTELLERPROMO

Comment on this post if you are able to download this app and leave a positive review for the Developer over this app too.

  • Bastakiatavich

    I will give this app a go, promo code worked too so thanks for that.

  • Krushna

    Sure, let us know:)

  • jrohland

    Here is a link to get the app. Just open BlackBerry World, swipe down, open Scan Barcode and scan the QR code from this Web page:

  • bambinoitaliano

    For those searching for this app, it’s call Storyteller Audiobook Player. It took me a couple of minutes to figure out the name of the app. Thank you for the post.