BMB Studios- College Notes

BMB Studios, consists of a team of three developers-


  • George  Bratsos: George is in his final year of Computer Science at TEI of Thessaly specializing in front-end responsive web developing


  • Alexandra Betouni: Alexandra completed her BSc in Computer Science at TEI of Thessaly. She is working as UX developer in QML


  • Mixalis Montesantos: Mixalis, is in his Final year of Computer Science at TEI of Thessaly.


All three were invited to BlackBerry Jam Camp in 2013 at Madrid.  There three developers met and planned to start a developing team, and “BMB STUDIOS”  was born.


College Notes one of the famous native app built by the trio last year. This app is built-in Cascades platform.  Are you a student who loves to prepare notes when your professor says something in class? Are you a professor who makes a notes for the next lecture in classroom? If you belong to any of these categories, this will make it easier to save your notes. If you are a parent of kids those who are going to school with one of our beloved BlackBerry OS10 devices, then this is highly recommended. College Notes saves all the entered notes at one place and it helps in recognizing the notes created by you easily.

This app has two main features.

  • Notes: This is built inside the app. When you open the notes inside the app, you will be directed within the app to “Remember” app. All you need to do is type the details and save your notes. You can save a number of notes related to your work or college or lectures. If you are a teacher, you can make a short notes on what you have to teach in classroom. You can also include details of the lecture by entering the details of when you have to give lecture. For entering the details of lecture, you have to go to next step or next feature called Program. If you are a student, you can enter the details what was discussed in classroom.
  • Program: As a professor, this feature helps you to enter the data of when and where you have to give lecture. Being a student user, you can enter the details of what lesson/chapter is going to be discussed in next class along with time including the name of your professor.

When you are using this app, you can swipe from left to right to go back to previous page.  Using this app, makes me to save most of the notes at single place. You can also plan in advance. You won’t regret this app using it for making up your college notes. This helps most of the college going students as well as professors. The app looks pretty simple and nice background.


One can download College Notes here and it’s free too!

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You can check their other native app, HotShots. This app gives you an idea of how to prepare different kinds of drinks. As of now, BMB Team had added only few and they are looking forward to add some more in future. I have sampled a few of the ‘HotShots’ and enjoyed them!