Bloo Kid 2 for BB10 – Promo Code Giveaway!!

The other day I did a review on a great new game for BB10 called Bloo Kid 2 by Winterworks GmbH. It is a game similar in style to Super Mario Bros. This game is also available for Android devices through the Play store.

Bloo Kid 2:

Bloo Kid 2

Help Bloo Kid to rescue his girlfriend from the hands of evil. Run, jump and swim your way through collecting stars and other things while jumping on the critters that are out to get you.

Here at UTB, we love to promote app developers. They work so hard to provide us with entertainment apps such as games, productivity apps and apps that generally improve the usage of our smartphones. We appreciate all the hard work they do to bring us the apps we love.

Now, with many thanks to the CEO of Winterworks GmbH, Jörg, we have 10 Promo codes for our valued readers. To get one of these codes for this fantastic game, simply leave a comment below stating what type of apps are your favourite. Or, what type of apps you usually search for or install on a new device.

We will contact the first 10 people to comment below, via email to give you your code. All we ask in return is that you leave a good review on Bloo Kid 2 in BlackBerry World to help encourage our developers.

Meanwhile, if you don’t have a BB10 device and want to try the free Android version, you can get it from the Play store HERE. Bloo Kid 2 on  BB10 has 15 additional bonus levels that dont exist in the free android version, hence the $1.99 price point.


Long time lover of all things BlackBerry, from the Bold 9000 thru to the Passport and now the Priv. Always dreaming of the next new BlackBerry to add to my collection. Had the rest, now got the best!

  • zensen

    Thanks! I use the classic and my favourite app on BlackBerry 10 that needs to be installed everytime is BlackBerry Travel

    I like looking for photography apps like effectica pro and extending my productivity and flow like hub browser

    Gaming I loved passing the time with sim city, badlands. :)

    On my z10 tunein radio was a must have. Love my radio. Classic satisfies that now :)

    • Wayno

      Thanks for sharing Zensen, code is in the mail!!

  • MePiikan LzBolaz

    It’s great to see Devs continuing to support BB10. I don’t have much time to play games but am always on the lookout for something fun to kill the time. This looks like one my little Sophia will enjoy.

    • Wayno

      Thanks MePiikan, code sent via BBM ;)

  • Gabriel

    Productivity apps are my best, Hubby, Hub Browser, Blue TouchPad, Work Wide etc. Like some fun apps to though!

    • Wayno

      Thanks Gabriel code sent via email

  • anthogag

    Some apps I use…

    BB10, Hubby
    BB10, Light Anytime
    BB10, SoundHound
    BB10, Call Notes
    BB10, Headless Cuckoo
    BB10, Parrot
    Amazon or Google Play, Autodesk SketchBook
    BB10, Wikipedia for BlackBerry
    BB10, Snap2Share
    Google Play, Snapseed
    BB10, GeoCoder
    BB10, EasyStreetView
    Amazon or Google Play, Oxford Dictionary of English
    Amazon or Google Play, Microsoft Translator
    Amazon or Google Play, Microsoft Weather
    BB10, Convertly
    BB10, Trove
    BB10, Loyalty
    BB10, Countdown Timer

    • Wayno

      Thanks, code sent via email

      • anthogag

        Wayno, I get an error when I redeem the code. The message is “all available downloads have been redeemed…”

  • leverspro

    I use bb10 on a Passport. I have only one game, called Doodle Jump. I only play games when I’m stuck waiting somewhere and am bored. My fav apps are feedminder for reading news, and nobex for subscribing to daily podcasts. Thanks,

    • Wayno

      Thanks Leverspro, code sent via email.

  • Fab04


    I love BB10 & nearly everything about it, most of all the cloud integration. My default install on new devices – Box then Drop then One Drive.

    I just discovered Stick Tennis on the store I used to love that on its but love it even more here, looks so much better & more responsive.