Blend’s Unexpected Consequences

We here at UTB love discovering new ways in which our BlackBerry devices make us more productive.  This afternoon I realised just how important BlackBerry Blend is for productivity.

BlackBerry Blend – The Phone Away from Phone

BlackBerry Blend is a Dashboard for interacting with your phone without even touching it.  Say you left your phone at home.  You can still connect to the phone through Blend and with the exception of making  a physical call, you can still carry out most of your mobile functions in real time.

In this modern world, people want to be able to utilise a single device to meet all their productivity needs.  So device manufacturers have come up with dual sim phones whereby one device can be used simultaneously for both a work and personal account without having to lug two devices around.  BlackBerry has created BlackBerry Balance to isolate your personal space from your work space.  However, we still have the need to ensure that our mobile devices are with us at all times in order to know that we can use them at any time.

Not Anymore!

This afternoon as I was about to sit down and message a few contacts through BBM, I realised that my wife was talking to someone on my Passport.  ‘Oh!’ I thought, ‘I’ll just wait till she is done.’  ‘Hang on a minute. I should be able to continue doing that via Blend.’  Sure enough not a problem.  She is making a phone call and I am still sifting through e-mails, calendar appointments and files on the device.  Now while this might be an obvious function to most of us, I want us to think about what it actually means.  With BlackBerry Blend, BlackBerry has created a virtual dual-user real time device.  Households which can’t afford to have multiple devices in their house can invest in one device, one platform and still meet their entire home’s mobile communications needs.

What’s that honey?  You need the phone to make calls for the day?  Not a problem.  You take the phone and I’ll ensure that all my colleagues call my office phone and use Blend to message all day.

Internet of Things extended to household management.  That’s the BlackBerry way.


Chap has been a BlackBerry user since 2009 when he picked up his trusty new Torch 9800. Since then he has been about all things BlackBerry keeping tabs on the Australian market. As a hobby he also supports an Australian Aged Care organisation as their in-house spiritual practitioner.