#BlaqisBack with latest Update!

One of the best out there.
One of the best out there.

Blaq is a twitter app that has been one of my favorites since day one, and with this new update, it still is.

The developers of Blaq, Kasai labs, have just released version 1.4 and boy did they release the hounds.

Straight from the change log:

What’s new?

TONS of new settings

We’re introducing a slew of new options and some familiar ones from Blaq for Playbook! Leave screen on? Check. Large photos instead of small thumbnails? Check. TweetMarker integration? Check. Full control of all of your notifications? A few checks there. All that and more! All of your settings sync with your BlackBerry ID account automatically so if you need to reinstall, You can do so without needing to worry about settings everything back up (or remembering to back it up in the first place).

Notifications! Notifications! Notifications!

Blaq has always provided you with full hub integration but we’ve now taken it a step further and have added notifications for retreats, favorites and follows! They’re not only reliable, they’re instant! All these notifications happen whether the app is open, minimized or closed. In addition to that, we’ve added a new watchlist feature which allows you to follow any public account on Twitter and receive notifications in your BlackBerry hub when the user tweets! In REAL-TIME!

Better multi-account experience

Now you no longer need to switch accounts to retweet a tweet, favorite one or follow an account. All your notifications now push to the hub if you have them turned on and when you’re viewing a tweet you’d like to retweet or favorite, you can now perform these actions on all accounts set up on your device at once! Blaq is still the only twitter app on BlackBerry 10 that allows you to tweet, retweet, follow, and more from the hub without needing to switch accounts!

BlackBerry Passport support and UI tweaks

We finally have BlackBerry Passport support! No more rendering issues, landscape scrolling and all the perfect ways to #WorkWide. For our UI tweaks, we’ve added large thumbnails views, option for author display, recent photos on profiles, Emoji when composing tweets and introduced an optional floating compose button (10.3+ only) to allow you to quickly compose you to quickly compose a new tweet. Whew!


Support for Bitly Pro – Just sign in and start shortening those URLs!
In-app browser – View links right in the app without leaving
Notifications when a tweet with an attached photo is successful with ability to view the posted tweet.
TweetMaker integration
Hashtag (type #USA) and stock symbol recognition
Failed tweet drafts in hub – No longer do you need to retype a tweet that’s fails to send
Twitter GIF Support – upload and view animated GIFs
Search compose – instantly jump into the conversation when your search is for a Hashtag or symbol. Hashtags and symbols are automatically appended


Various crashes when in direct messages, adding accounts or random
View photo when attaching photo not working in card (hub/sharing)
Sometimes, replies and tweets in convo aren’t tappable
Translations doesn’t alert when it fails
Black gaps in timeline
If locations is enabled and/or the permissions is denied or location is turned off, the compose screen prompts on every new tweet
Hub notifications in any non-English language may show question mark.

WOW! BLAQ IS BACK or should I say #BlaqisBack

If you want to check out this amazingly well done app, Just click on the link, but just remember, this is a $2.99 app, but worth every penny.