Blaq vs Twittly vs Native Twitter, Which Is Right For You ?


When BlackBerry 10 users argue about apps it’s not about what’s missing, it’s about what better app we have for the specific client/service.  When it comes to Twitter, BlackBerry users have a real argument about 3 apps. I took the mission and decided to compare those 3 apps. What apps you asking ? Native Twitter,Blaq and Twittly. It’s can be hard to decide but we have to, or not.

I can’t say that there is one app that is better then the other but I will say that some are more full featured.

I decide to make the comparison between those apps because one is free, the second is paid app and the third is free with pro version.

When it comes to the Feeds screen I see it as the most important screen of the app as most users spend lots of time on this screen.  Twitter Native app uses the Original feed same as the browser version. It’s the most simple feed you can find, with simple swipes you can find the Discover and Friends screen. At the bottom of the screen you will find Menu with options to see notification and DM screens.

Blaq comes in with some added color, while the home screen is more colorful and dark background looks better (Twitter app also possible to change the dark theme).  Blaq main screen will show you the time on the top right, and there is a bar that streams live tweets.
Twittly tried to combine the worlds, but here the menu located at the top and less convenient and there are screens that could give them as images and re-tweets. In
 Twittly and Twitter Native refresh is not live, and it requires a manual refresh to see new tweets.

Another important feature is the ease of tweet within the app. After all, you can tweet from the Hub as easily, but if you are already in the app and you decide to tweet, it is important where the New Tweet icon is located. In Twitter application you will find it right side up with the familiar icon of Twitter, comfortable. In Twittly this is the least convenient option when there is an icon of four small squares clicking on it will open another very wide menu where you will find the Compose a bit cumbersome. In Blaq you will  find green icon at the bottom of the screen once you click on it a new tweet screen appears.

Here are all three applications a similar situation, you want to tag someone  the application will completed you with the tag  you want according to your typing course. Also additions to the Tweet is quite the same. You can add Emoji, your location and image and share your tweet on BBM.

True, the main content  in three applications are identical, but similar to the rest of the applications of Nemory Studios the application allows flexibility in the customization such as a change the skin,Dark or light theme, backgrounds and more can be purchased in-app store. Nemory also allows users access to Dropbox and Facebook, BBM, email and more. Not necessarily Features Twitter users need at the moment but it’s nice.

The UI in Blaq require adjustment time when in order to access the menus should be fine Swipe right to reveal the sidebar menu if you want to carry out tweets themselves will of course make Swipe left to reveal Tweets Actions menu. This is the official app as stated a similar version to the browser for a lot of users its simplicity is much more convenient.

Twitter application for BlackBerry 10 is not updated very often while Blaq and Twittly, developed by independent developers, continue to receive updates to stay up to date.

The official Twitter app is completely free, as each platform. The Twittly you can download for free, but for a number of applications such as wallpapers and other extras you have to pay $ 2.99, Blaq will cost you $ 2.99 with no free version.

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