Blah 3’s First Assignment: Hawaii’s Volcano

Blah 3’s First Assignment:

Blah 3 has been asking to do more than get Dave’s coffee and doughnuts. Dave is sending him where the action is. He’s sending Blah 3 to Hawaii and how it’s active volcano is threatening the local dinosaur population.  Will Blah 3 show that he has the chops to be a news reporter? Will he get eaten by a dinosaur or melted by lava? We will have to see how Blah3 does a news reporter.


Changes to This Just In News

We have always brought you the latest news the other news agencies refuse to give you. Now we’ve added Sports reported by Blah 3 And The Global Warming Weather Report by our own Good Doctor!  Sports, weather, and breaking news brought to you by This Just In News, who could ask for anything more?