Blackphone Duplicates BlackBerry


Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. BlackBerry has a history of being very flattered by the competition. As iOS and Android users continue to spread the agenda that BlackBerry is dead or leaving the device business, Apple and Android OEM’s keep flattering BlackBerry with imitation after imitation of the very things which BlackBerry does so well.

The latest flattery has been paid to BlackBerry by a little company called Silent Circle. Silent Circle is the company which produces the expensive niche device, the Blackphone. A super secure Android based phone, who’s security requires that the user is speaking to another user on a Blackphone, and a second data plan purchased from Silent Circle. If the name Blackphone and the focus on security didn’t flatter BlackBerry enough, the new feature added in their latest OS update should surely fill the flattery bucket past it’s brim.

Silent Circle has added Privacy Meter to it’s latest OS update. The Privacy Meter is there to keep the user aware of any device or network changes that would affect the user’s privacy. This innovative duplicated app works in the background keeping a watchful eye on the phones apps, setting. status, and more. If an app does something like shares the user’s location, or makes changes to a setting, the app will notify the user.

It’s a great idea.

I know, because I’ve been using the original. It’s called DTEK by BlackBerry, and it works a charm.

BlackBerry should be very flattered.

It even looks like DTEK!
It even looks like DTEK!



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