BlackDroid Hub, Services, Calendar etc New Beta Builds Arrive

If you’re in the beta program and haven’t checked Gplay today, go do it right now!

Those of us lucky enough to be involved with the ever busy program are not supposed to disclose upcoming features and/or services, and I can certainly see BlackBerry’s point in this regard. So with that in mind I’ll just say this…

Hub+ Services and BlackBerry Notes get bug fixes and performance improvements.

BlackBerry Hub gets four additional goodies in addition to the above mentioned fixes and improvements.

BlackBerry Calendar acquires three new appointments along with the usual.

Contacts by BlackBerry benefits by one new feature.

Tasks by BlackBerry also receives one additional feature in addition to improvements.

It’s nice to see BlackBerry forging ahead with their software offerings for BlackDroid and Android in general. Those that are not in the beta program will see these features and improvements in fairly short order.



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