#BlackBerryUnleashed Update! 2 Down, 2 To Go…

Well, Well!
Well, Well!

Great news today as, in another victory for the #BlackBerryUnleashed campaign, it has been reported that Verizon have now pushed the 10.2.1 update to all other devices in the BB10 range.

Whilst VZW had originally sent the update to the Z10 users of all other devices have been sat waiting ever since – nearly 2 months in fact.

Well done Verizon on joining T-Mobile on #TeamBlackBerry and getting into the #BlackBerryUnleashed club.

So, AT&T and Sprint – what’s the excuse now?


Or lost in the mail?

Let’s keep at them guys, it obviously works.

Tweet @att and @sprint and ask them why… and make sure you include the following hashtag



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