#BlackBerryUnleashed – An Open Letter To US Carriers

Opportunity Knocks...
Opportunity Knocks…

We have long given up any sort of US carrier loyalty as I feel betrayed by you folks. As BlackBerry users it has got to the point where we have to choose our provider based on the current level of BlackBerry support across the world. In other countries they still have a choice, in the US that choice is seemingly gone.

For the few very fortunate ones with means at their disposal, at least they have the luxury to make drastic change on a whim…. that however is not the case for vast majority. You have, by your actions, reduced platform choice for BlackBerry users to virtually zero.

It has come to the attention of us at LillyFoxBlogs.com, UTBBLOGS.COM and the #ichooseblackberry10 movement as a whole that US mobile carriers have yet to push the latest BlackBerry OS update, with the exception of one, who only provided for the Z10.

OS update to 10.2.1 is arguably the single most important upgrade to date as with this comes the ability to directly download android apps via the built in installer. Whilst the rest of the world enjoys the ability to close the perceived ‘app gap’, the biggest market in the world, the US, is being denied the chance of doing so by the very people who, in many cases, supplied our devices in the first place.

This is nothing short of a scandal.

We the BlackBerry community are sick and tired of being pushed aside and ignored. There are more of us than you think and we are quite united and organized now.

It is a shame you folks push stale, unsecured, inefficient devices over revolutionary flexible, security minded super efficient multitasking devices such as the BlackBerry 10 line of smart phones.

Your reasoning is beyond us. Your lack of support is the reason our platform suffers…

Why you are seemingly deliberately holding back a particular manufacturer, in this case BlackBerry (but it could just as well be another on a different day) is not in the consumers best interest and all of you seem to have signed your life away to a device maker who essentially gives you the same phone to sell over and over.

You can fool the ignorant.. however we BlackBerry users are too intelligent to be scammed by your tired business model.
We have no expectation that you will ever change your ways. We simply ask you, as customers to whom you have sold BlackBerrys, to honor your commitment to us.

That means support OS upgrades in a timely fashion. Without this important support you relegate BlackBerry Users to third class citizens in the mobile world. Just like any government that repressed their people….. often revolution occurs when simple folk like us are pushed too far.
Despite your dismissive attitude our BlackBerry nation is growing stronger and more united than ever. Our audience is world wide and we are banding together to fight for our rights… we fight together for equal treatment as mobile customers.

To you, the once mighty US carriers…. I ask you now… are you with us? Or against us?…. your answer will affect where we shop and how you are perceived in the BlackBerry community.

We also lay down a challenge, a test, if you will.

If just one of you is brave enough to break ranks from this cartel, if just one of you actually promotes BlackBerry 10 products instead of allowing staff to trot out the tired old ‘BlackBerry is dead’ line to sell something else, if just one of you puts BlackBerry back on a level playing field with the other platforms you sell..

Then that carrier has a huge opportunity to make a lot of money.

And we will help promote you with every medium at our disposal.

There are more BlackBerry fans out there than you think.

Think it over.


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