BlackBerry’s Official Statement on BBM Split

BBM has gone through some changes this last week. We discovered these changes early last week, and wrote about them here as a warning to those that would be affected. At that point, we believed the only ones affected would be that small group that switch between BB10 and cross platform BBM versions. We later found out that BBM Enterprise users would also feel some effects. Luckily for us, both BlackBerry and BBM responded to our questions and helped clear up the confusion.

Unfortunately, as the news began to spread across our online communities, things began to get confused again. This is of course to be expected. A quote from BlackBerry was attributed to BBM, and many people took the changes to mean more than what it actually means. Again, this is what we expect.

Luckily, our friend Alex Thurber took to Inside BlackBerry to explain in detail what these changes are, and what they mean. Please take the time to head to Inside BlackBerry and read about it yourself. Alex does a great job of clearing up the confusion.

Read Alex’s post here now.


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