BlackBerry’s Newest Acquisition Adds to Its Already Impressive Enterprise Arsenal


BlackBerry is at it again folks.  While the media continues their bash fest and constant negative spin, BlackBerry keeps moving at a pace like never before.  As reported by Reuters, BlackBerry has announced the purchase of a UK based company called Movirtu which will again set BlackBerry apart in the much sought after enterprise space.

“BlackBerry Ltd said on Thursday it has acquired Movirtu, a provider of virtual identity solutions, as part of its move to continue building out its portfolio of value-added services that cater to the needs of its core base of corporate and government clients.”

“Waterloo, Ontario-based BlackBerry said Movirtu’s virtual SIM technology allows an individual to have both a personal and business number on a single mobile device, with separate billing for voice, data and messaging usage on each number. This allows employees to switch between work and personal profiles easily without carrying multiple devices or SIM cards.”

John Sims, the head of BlackBerry’s enterprise division (a fitting name if you ask me. Guess he can remove the second “s” now) added the following quote in the Reuters article to further explain.

“Clearly this fits nicely within the strategy we have so far articulated. We are building recurring revenue streams in value-added services and providing more value to enterprises” 

So while others are ranting and raving about introducing technology that is approaching 10 years old like NFC not to mention the buzz about a free music album with your purchase of a device, BlackBerry continues to add to its already impressive arsenal.  But I’m sure the iPhone 17+++S will invent the ability to have both personal and business number on a device while separating the billing in about 10 years from now.  Innovation…what a wonderful thing.