BlackBerry’s John Sims Interview with Fedscoop TV on the Changing Mobile End User


Recently BlackBerry’s head of Global Sales, John Sims was interviewed by Billy Mitchell on Fedscoop TV.  This interview touched several topics related to mobility in the Federal Government IT landscape, including the following:

  • The biggest challenges faced when it comes to expanding the use of mobile devices within the Federal Government IT environment.
  • Satisfying a growing trend where increasingly, the end-user carries one phone for both personal, as well as, enterprise needs.
  • The threat to security in the mobile space and the and the need for enterprises to implement an end-to-end MDM solution to mitigate it.
  • The importance of enduring that the enterprise data and apps are encapsulated and containerized so that they cannot be accessed from the personal space.

The interview was approximately six minutes and John Sims did an excellent job in answering the questions posed to him. In addition to explaining the risks faced by mobile devices within enterprise, he also stressed the importance of a solution that not only satisfies the end-to-end security aspect, but also enabled and did not hinder the users from being productive.

BlackBerry was mentioned as a company with a lot of experience and technical know-how in providing this capability, with the ability of making it seamless for the end user with devices on multiple platforms.

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  • Robert

    End to end protection. That pretty much sums up what BlackBerry is all about.

    • web99

      That’s so true. In the most recent interviews, BlackBerry CEO John Chen has positioned BlackBerry as a software and services company providing end-to-end mobile device security solutions.

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