BlackBerry’s Hub+ App Suite Has Been Updated!

The best of BlackBerry.
The best of BlackBerry.

No one loves updates more than this guy. So nothing (well, almost nothing) puts a smile on my face faster than opening the app store and seeing brand smacking new versions of apps you use all the time.

BlackBerry’s app suite for Hub+ are some of those apps that were waiting for me to update. BlackBerry calendar, hub and hub+ services are just a few.

Calendar: Version
– Get suggestions for participant time availability when creating an event in the BlackBerry Calendar.
– Ability to edit calendar events that you have received from other people – edit status, notifications, notes or other fields.
– Other bug fixes and performance improvements.

Hub: Version
– Quickly filter to unread, snoozed, high importance, flagged, or muted messages with a pinch gesture.
– Use Ctrl + enter to send messages
– Integration of Viber notification content into the BlackBerry Hub.
– Performance improvements for opening messages and conversations.
– Other bug fixes and performance improvements.

BlackBerry Hub+ Services: Version
– Bug fixes and performance improvements.

There you have it, the first update since the release of the Hub+ apps for all Androids running 6.0 and higher.

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