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Many pundits and so-called experts have commented about the bleak future of BlackBerry based on ‘beleaguered’ handset sales. Some of these self-proclaimed journalists or financial experts claim the company is doomed based on ‘research’. Their alleged research reminds me of the quote attributed to British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli, “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.” What the naysayers conveniently fail to acknowledge are the ‘Four Pillars’ which make up the basis of BlackBerry’s turnaround as laid out by John Chen shortly after his hiring.

While handset sales are one of the pillars there are also QNX, BBM monetization, and Enterprise Services & Solutions.

I’d like to focus on the one Pillar where I have some knowledge- Enterprise Services and Solutions as it relates to the healthcare industry.

Last year Bigglybobblyboo wrote a piece quoting Columnist George Kesarios regarding healthcare, “Make no mistake folks, this is a multibillion dollar business that is still in its early stages. And because the safety of information and message handling are BlackBerry’s specialty, I think we will all be surprised at the revenue and profits to be had in this industry several years from now. And BlackBerry will be right in the middle of it.”*

Within the past 12 months BlackBerry has made the following announcements-


• April 15, 2014 BlackBerry Invests in NantHealth for Integrated End-To-End Healthcare Solutions
• April 22, 2014 Axial Exchange Brings Patient Engagement App to BlackBerry
• May 16, 2014 MyMedRec lands in BlackBerry World. Keep your Health Records close at hand.
• June 3, 2914 CellTrak Launches Native Mobile Healthcare App for BlackBerry 10
• June 11, 2014 Securing a healthcare mobile environment during EHR transition
• June 16, 2014 Announcement of BBM Protected
• July 7, 2014 Rehab app uses host of sensors in new BlackBerry to assess movement
• July 15, 2014 QNX Releases OS for Medical Devices
• December 8, 2014 Announces Breakthrough NantOmics Cancer Genome Browser
• December 11, 2014 Telus and BlackBerry partner on remote patient monitoring
• December 17, 2014 Healthcare Provider Mackenzie Health to Deploy BlackBerry Classic
• January 7, 2015 BlackBerry Provides Software Platform for NantHealth’s Internet of Medical Things Device
• March 2, 2015 Global Application Partners Select BlackBerry Platform to Secure Communication, Collaboration and Productivity Solutions for Healthcare
• March 2, 2015 BlackBerry Partners with interRAI to Deliver Efficient Data Collection Solutions in Healthcare


• March 3, 2015 The Latest in Mobile Health: New Telemedicine App on BlackBerry Will Allow Remote Patient Monitoring


Based on this, which platform would you rather trust your most personal and sensitive information with?  BlackBerry who has security and privacy baked into its’ DNA or Windows, Android, or iOS?

And more importantly, who will you believe about BlackBerry’s Future – John Chen or some hapless schlub hacking away at their keyboard hoping to generate some clicks?



*Seeking Alpha, 17 April 2014, BlackBerry Is Fermenting


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