BlackBerry’s Acquisition of Encription Ltd is a New Ace up its Sleeve


While many of us are aware of BlackBerry’s diversification strategy and key acquisitions to increase its revenue streams, many in the mainstream media are not and continue to harp on BlackBerry’s handset market-share. It was refreshing to come across an article titled “BlackBerry has an ace up its sleeve” by Talfryn Taylor on the Business Financial News website.

In his article, Mr. Taylor was making the point that BlackBerry is doing the smart thing by leveraging and expanding its security expertise by its acquisition of Encription Ltd.

The recent acquisition of a British security testing and training firm, Encription Ltd., is further testament of the Canadian phone maker’s plan to expand its operations in the professional cyber security solutions business.  

Its Professional Cyber Security Services will offer organizations of all sizes consulting services, expertise and best practice to assess and thwart cyber threats.

This is in fact a great move by BlackBerry as Cybersecurity consulting is a $16.5 billion annual global business and is expected to grow to $23 billion per year by 2019.

If you factor in BlackBerry’s recent acquisitions such as Encription Ltd, Good Technologies, WatchDox, Secusmart, Movirtu and others, they are all about securing BlackBerry’s future. Security needs, especially among enterprise customers is growing and expanding and BlackBerry is placing itself in the forfront to address them.

By doing so, they are living up to one of the famous quotes of hockey’s great, Wayne Gretzky

“I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been.”

Source: Business Financial News


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  • nnik

    I like your quote

    • web99

      Thanks Nik, but the credit goes to Wayne Gretzky, the great one.

  • veeru789

    Nice find and quote. Thanks for sharing

  • Martin

    BlackBerry…quietly getting it done! locco_smiley_10


    BlackBerry is clearly the leader in encryption with these new acquisitions. Perhaps, just to show their strength, BlackBerry should offer to decrypt that famous i-phone. /;-)