BlackBerry10. The “Red Pill” Of Operating Systems.

The choice is obvious...
The choice is obvious…

It just dawned on me. Just like in the original “Matrix” movie. We who have adopted the BB10 platform have taken the proverbial “red pill”.

The red pill is the reality of built-in apps that run circles around apps that try to emulate the same thing on other platforms.

The Hub, Storymaker, File manager with remote file manager, and so much more.


Of course, the blue pill is what the masses have taken. And it is the wool that has been pulled over the eyes of the public. It is not where the rabbit hole goes.

Morpheus is obviously a BB10 user, he took the red pill as did Neo and others (except for that jerk Cypher).

The blue pill swallowers are the people using iOS and Android. They do not care about security. They do not care about their own well being. They care about shiny, selfie, shallow things? All they want is the Matrix, over and over again.

Maybe that’s a bit harsh, but seriously… Don’t you care about who uses your information? Don’t you care that Google skims all of your info, emails, and searches to sell to companies? Don’t you care that Android is the perfect “Bot” for that?

Maybe iOS isn’t like that exactly, but they are riddled with security holes anyway. Why sign up for an OS that is a conduit to the likes of the NSA, or MITM attacks?


And iOS is so old.

Why? Why do people fall for it?

Take the red pill people.

It comes with security, productivity, and a path to the future.

And the future is BlackBerry.



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