BlackBerry Z3 To Launch In India On June 25th

BlackBerry Z3 To Launch In India Next
BlackBerry Z3 To Launch In India Next

Great news for BlackBerry fans in India, and BlackBerry fans in general, as the The Economic Times is reporting that the BlackBerry Z3 will be launching in India on June 25th.

While official sales figures have not yet been released by BlackBerry, statements from CEO John Chen and the line ups evidenced at the Indonesian launch point to this device getting off to a good start.

We’re hoping to see the same positive momentum continue as the device rolls out across other markets.  Given the OS, specifications, and price point, what’s not to love?  Recent price cuts on the Z10 in India caused sell outs as well so there is definitely a demand for a BB10 device with the right price.

Head over to The Economic Times for the full report.


Source: The Economic Times