BlackBerry Z10 Smashes Sales Targets In India!

Hot Cakes!
Hot Cakes!

Great news today for all connected with BlackBerry as the BlackBerry Z10 anniversary offer in India has absolutely hit the bullseye with stock almost immediately sold out.

‘According to BlackBerry, the stock got sold out 3 times quicker than expected. One of city’s largest selling mobile store reported us that they have sold more than 300 devices past 3 days & are now taking in pre-orders while waiting for their next shipment to arrive. BlackBerry assures to refill Z10 smartphones in next couple of days under the same offered Rs. 17,990 price tag.’

BB India

Great news that just shows the pent up demand for BlackBerry that we all had hoped for at a lower price which is getting the superb BB10 OS into as many hands as possible

Let’s hope this augers very well indeed for the upcoming Z3

India has indeed proven that #BlackBerryWorks.

#ichooseBlackBerry10, do you?


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  • ray689

    Let’s keep the momentum going BlackBerry. Can only go up from here.