From BlackBerry Z10 To Nothing In One Easy Step – Upgrade To An iPhone! Thanks Facebook!!!

Yes, the day recently came when I got the SMS from a friend of mine. One that many of you will recognise. The one that makes you slightly suspicious… have they gone to the dark side? It reads like this:

‘Dave’s new number is xxxxx xxxxxxxxx’

Of course you then look for Dave in your BBM Contacts. You may even send Dave a BBM. But Dave has gone. Why is this? In my case (and probably yours) it’s because Dave got an iPhone. Well done Dave!

Dave has, of course, been enticed into weighing in his old, outdated BlackBerry (dear God, who has one of them??!!) Z10 which has stood by him faithfully for the past 3 or 4 years by our old friends Whatsapp and Facebook. Dave was more than happy with his BlackBerry, he’s spent ages batting away stupid comments from the unwashed about how it didn’t do this or that (when it did) and showing them things they just couldn’t grasp – like a unified inbox but then…

He got a message that Facebook and Whatsapp would no longer be supported.

My mate Dave could (SHOULD) have asked me but he didn’t. He panicked. He assumed that that meant they would both stop working and that this was happening with all BlackBerry 10 apps. His family are iPhonians. Guess what they said he should do? Yes, his iPhone was delivered just before Christmas.

But then Dave (ok, his real name is Rob but let’s just stick with Dave, ok??) disappeared!

Literally – his BBM, text and phone number – everything. It turns out, after I remembered his landline number a couple of days after Christmas, that Dave/Rob, sorry Dave, had had the shiny thing for less than a week. The phone shop say that a bit of metallic wrapper from some Polo Mints got into the charging port and knackered the iPhone – completely.

So there you have it. Dave (cough) had a perfectly good working phone and which had been trucking along for 4 years, no issues, but FB/Whatsapp/peer pressure told him it wasn’t working properly at all so he got an iPhone. Which is completely… and utterly…


Within a week. Oh, and he still hasn’t got it back – I’ve been coaching him on wifi only on the Z10.

Anyone else want to upgrade from BlackBerry 10 to iPhone?


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  • are you sure it was an ‘upgrade? ‘ More like downgrade :D

  • Robert Friedman
    • BlueTroll

      Looks like you just outed yourself :D

  • Wayno

    No thanks, my BlackBerry works just fine!!

    • Prem_Watsapp

      Correction, sir. BlackBerries. Never have only one…



    Who in the right mind would recommend a iPhone over a BlackBerry? Like Serious people. Worst case, a BlackBerry Android is MUCH better over any iPhone regardless of make, model and year.

  • Prem_Watsapp

    So the exposed lightning connector didn’t like it? As in, doesn’t have any overvoltage shutdown or protection against shorts?

    Nice you can plug it in both ways, but is it really safer than micro USB?