A BlackBerry? YUCK! Switched To An iPhone – Now I Can’t…

Last year I was a minority partner in a business I’d built up from scratch over 8 years. This business was grown from a single branch to 50 branches in that time and one of the stipulations was that every branch manager used BlackBerry devices. Not just to satisfy my BlackBerry fandom, there were solid business reasons for this.

As time went on there were grumblings that my continued insistence on BlackBerry was obviously due to my rabid BlackBerry fandom. Never mind that we regularly used BBM Video to virtually assist on site with a phone attached via HDMI to a large screen TV at Head Office. Never mind that the email system ‘just worked’ and never mind that BBM became the gold standard way for the network to communicate with each other via a company BBM Group. Let’s leave aside the fact that the phones could actually hold a signal and make a call. Oh, and the battery actually lasted a day. The unimportant stuff.

In short, the efficiency was frightening.

But, inevitably, the eagle eyed of you will note that I was a MINORITY partner. As such the majority partners decided that they could run things better than the bloke who ran things and we came to an Agreement that I would leave the day to day running of the business.

Guess what?

Joy unconfined! The BlackBerry bloke has left! Now everyone is free! FREE TO GET AN iPHONE!!!

The consequences of this can be summed up easily. Not just by the fact that the big screen TV used for BBM Video was moved within days (nothing was ever put in it’s place) but specifically in the following exchange (one of many) from the company BBM Group of which I am still a member (but not a contributor, not my job anymore):

‘My BlackBerry Z10 has come to the end of it’s useful life (if it ever had one). Any recommendations as to a good replacement (NOTHING BLACKBERRY RELATED). Cheers’

To which the answer from my former Operations Manager was (oh, he was a confirmed iPhonian and only carried a Z30 cos I told him to):

‘iPhone – a good phone’

That was a few weeks ago. There was then an exchange when he was in the CARRIER (should that be CARRION?) store where another confirmed BlackBerrian in the company had to help the rep move the contacts over to his shiny new iPhone 7 and then, today…

‘What’s the best way to get photos from an iPhone to a PC? I used to just Bluetooth them from my BlackBerry but the iPhone doesn’t do it? Arrrggghhh!!’

And this delightful answer from my former iPhonian Ops Manager:

‘Plug the charger lead into a USB port on your laptop and use iTunes or put your photos onto iCloud and upload the iCloud app to your laptop or the simplest way is email them to your laptop – go to photos app, select photos you want and in the bottom left hand corner there’s a box with and arrow coming out of it, click on that and voila!’

Yes, my friends, it turns out he ‘upgraded’ to the past, just like many other people you will know in your lives.

What else can’t your fresh iPhonian converts do? The list is too long! All that is safe to say at this juncture is that for those that migrate away from BlackBerry, the bald, harsh truth is that:

They really didn’t know what they had until it was gone.


Bigglybobblyboo is a legend almost nowhere at all. He is a founder member of UTB and spends his spare time taking out his anger at the world with a fishfork and a spatula. He is also a Cribbage Master, having won 1 fight online as the other guy refused to turn up out of fear for his life.