BlackBerry World Gets Updated!

You got the touch...
You got the touch…

Today, we see an update hit BlackBerry World that starts to pull it closer with future hardware and software releases.

Here is what changed in this new release:

• Carousel has updated to the “micro” carousel look found in the 10.3 leaks.
• Image disply enhancements for higher display devices. (hint hint)
• When performing a search, it will now display previously looked at and book marked apps.
• Updated support for future device form factors. (hint hint)
• search enhancements and bug fixes.

On top of what BlackBerry said in the change log, I’ve also noticed that the icon went to the flat 10.3 look.


If you notice anything else that changed, let us know in the comments below, and if you want to see if you have the update. Just head to the BlackBerry World icon on your BB10 phones and then head to my world, then apps and games.