BlackBerry Workspaces Negates Ransomware

This new feature makes BlackBerry Workspaces an enterprise must have!

Ransomware is on the rise, and it looks like BlackBerry is ready to take it on. Ransomware will lockdown and encrypt data asking for a ransom to be paid, typically via cryptocurrency. We’ve seen several high profile cases of ransomware taking down multiple companies and government agencies. BlackBerry Workspaces has obtained a method to negate the affects of ransomware and keep companies running even after an attack.

BlackBerry Workspaces is an amazing tool. Think of a cloud, but with everything you would ever want. You can save and share files as you would expect with any cloud of course. But your data is secured down to the individual file level. Sharing files allows the different levels of interaction with the file. It can be shared as a read only, full editing access, and every level in between. Additionally, the administrator can see every action taken with that file and even the IP address of those that have viewed or edited. Now, Workspaces even includes Microsoft App integration.

As great as BlackBerry Workspaces is, it just got a lot better. Workspaces will now protect against ransomware in an amazing way. It is not simply virus or malware protection, it is recovery. Should a user become infected with malware, the Workspaces administrator can freeze the infected account. Then, the account can be rolled back per user and per filed to prior to the infection. This puts everyone back to work, without never having paid a ransom, as if there was never an infection to begin with. Since it is per user and per file, other users will not suffer any data loss by having the entire network rolled back.

BlackBerry will be demonstrating this exciting new functionality at it’s BlackBerry Security Summits in London and New York.

With this type of protection readily available from BlackBerry, I’ll be looking at companies that fall victim to ransomware as negligent in securing their own systems.

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Source: PC Mag


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